Eticas Foundation

Eticas Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes research, prediction, awareness and political advancement in the interaction between technology, data and society


Dimmons is an IN3-UOC research and action group focusing on issues of socio-economic innovation, linked to the challenges and opportunities that the digital sphere opens, and more specifically, the collaborative economy and the common.


Tecnopolítica is a research-action network that seeks to rethink and rebuild the relationships between technology and society. It is connected to the CNSC group at the UOC's IN3.


Colectic is a non-profit cooperative project that works for the inclusion, autonomy and empowerment of people and communities in the social, labor and technological fields; understanding and using technology as a tool for participation and social transformation.

Ideas for Change

Ideas for Change (IFC) is a strategy and research agency working in the fields of digital social innovation, design of business models with social impact and co-creation. IFC has developed frameworks to catalyze innovative solutions to social challenges through creative combinations of citizen participation, data economics, and collaborative distributed processes.